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Amazonite Crystal Candle I Natural Scented Candle with Healing Crystals   12oz.
Essential Oil Fusion of
Scent Profile

Undertones of licorice-like scent with a fresh invigorating lemony scent embraced by the subtle aroma of a walk in the forest

Your Handmade Candle Illuminating Experience
A sweet, licorice-esque flavor dazzles your senses as you light your Amazonite crystal candle and melt into the enveloping, warm hug of a Nordik spa. The Aufguss dancer is wafting delicious vapors of Anise your way. Refreshing, sharp aromatics coming off the Pine walls, keep you feeling refreshed in the intense heat of the sauna. The contrasting sensations work together in harmony to completely alleviate even your most deeply held fears. Anxiety dissipates entirely from your body as the lemony, citrus notes of Citronella overpower and subdue every last negative thought. Slowly, but indeed, your aura is restored to a beacon of calm, and present light, and you can’t wait to illuminate your Amazonite Crystal candle upon your return home.
- Clean Palm Wax
- Fragranced with Essential Oils
- Natural Raw Crystals
- Organic Crackling Wood Wick
- approx 40 hours burn time
- Upscale packaging measuring at 3.5” x 3.5” x 4” with attractive rose gold foil design 
- 12oz / Candle wt. 740g 
- 3.5ht x reusable glassware
- Handmade Candle poured in small batches
- Card with Crystal Meaning enclosed

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The many functions of your Amazonite Crystal Candle
Intention Candle -designed to help you set and manifest your intentions, creating your own ritual
Metaphysical candle -imbued with mystical properties to aid in spiritual practices and energy work
Home Décor for interior design -adding a touch of elegance and aesthetic appeal to any space
Ambiance -providing soft soothing light and creating a calming atmosphere
Aromatherapy -emitting pleasant scents to enhance relaxation and mood
Crystal energy -harnessing the energy and properties of the crystal embedded within it
Meditation -enhancing meditation practices by combining the soothing effects of candlelight with the energy of the crystal
Gift giving -serving as a thoughtful and unique gift for loved ones, especially those interested in spirituality or Wellness