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Candlelight Chronicles

Crafting Resilience Through Life’s Trials
April 9, 2024
Hi! This is Stella from KAT + GIO Crystal Candles. Step into my cozy crystal store by the river, where I showcase the enchanting fusion of naturally scented candles and artisanal candle craftsmanship.

As an entrepreneur with small businesses dating back to 1985, I’ve learned the importance of periodically reassessing my operations. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the evolving landscape of business, particularly with the rise of social media. While I firmly believe in traditional work ethics, I recognize the significance of adapting to current trends, including social media engagement.

Growing up in a traditional environment, the idea of sharing personal struggles in a public setting was foreign to me. However, I’ve observed how openness on social media can inspire and connect with others facing similar challenges. As the owner of Kat and Gio, I’ve grappled with the decision of whether to embrace this trend for the sake of today's common business practice.

While I value privacy, I also see the potential for genuine connection and inspiration through sharing my experiences. It’s a balancing act between authenticity and maintaining boundaries. Indeed, my journey has been shaped by numerous experiences that have led me to where I am today. Why am I creating candles? And why infuse them with healing crystals? Perhaps it's the journey I underwent with breast cancer 2 decades ago, or the ongoing struggle of caring for my husband, who's been battling a debilitating illness for the past six years, leaving him with life-altering cognitive impairment, that has fueled my passion for this craft. I find myself with a wealth of stories and insights to share, but I often ponder with whom I share them and why.

Ultimately, I believe in being true to myself while also considering the potential impact on my business and audience.

So, do I follow the popular trend of opening up about my trials and triumphs, or do I maintain a more reserved presence? Or perhaps, I forge my own path, staying true to my values and letting the chips fall where they may. My fellow Geminis understand the daily roller coasters of emotions all too well. One moment, I'm feeling one way, and in the next 15 minutes, it's a whole new story. The struggle is undeniably real my friends (lol), and this is why I felt compelled to articulate my emotions in today’s post. Tomorrow I might regret it!