Pink Geode - Rose Quartz

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Geodes are formed within sedimentary and volcanic rocks. They may look plain when whole, but when cracked, a cavity is exposed and is lined with beautiful minerals such as quartz or agate.  Volcanic gas balls are cooled and form hard outer coatings. The inside is mostly hallow with many crystals formed when the minerals and gases are cooled.

These geodes from Morocco have been cracked open to unveil a cove of quartz crystals, and colour treated with a brilliant colour. The tiny, naturally terminated crystals within the geode, encased in an embellished garden of gemstones and rocks  placed on a decorative copper and glass tray will add sparkle to your home decor.  No two geodes are alike.

Mineral Classification - Silicate (Tectosilicate)

Comes with 3 palm wax tealights created in house with a blend of seven essential oil scents.

Pink Cracked Geode -Large
Rose Quartz