FEBRUARY 12th, 2019




A month of 2019 has come and gone already, and February is flying by just as fast! Although the weather has been cold for us local Winnipegers’, we still manage to make the best of it all each in our own ways! I know my favourite cold day activities are never completed without ending the day with a hot cup of cocoa. Whether it’s brewed in the cutest corner coffeeshops or an instant packet from my cozy home pantry, nothing seems to be as nostalgic as my cup of cocoa on a cold day. It got me thinking about why some things we surround ourselves with become so nostalgic and mood changing. It turns out it all comes down to a little human biology. There is a part of your brain called the hippocampus, it plays a role in memory of your past experiences and stores this information so that you have nostalgic moments just like my cup of hot cocoa. From touch, to taste, sound and scent, we are affected by everything around us, including the air around us.

As you may know, our candles are scented with 100% natural essential oils oppose to fragrance scents. This gives Kat & Gio Candles a much cleaner scent and classifies them as an aromatherapy product. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment where natural plant extracts are used to heal the mind, body and spirit. The plant extract can be taken from anything from flowers, roots, the stalk or bark of plants, all to make a very concentrated essential oil. Aromatherapy is thought of both an art and a science to improve physical and emotional health. But how does it work? Can a scent really lower your stress level, or improve your sleep? Recently aromatherapy has been gaining a lot more recognition in the science and medicine fields as the trend began to grow and more people became curious of the actual science behind the art.

Like I was talking about before, everything from sound to taste can affect your bodies reactions. Scent falls nowhere short of these effects and reactions. A pure essential oil such as lavender is known to leave people feeling very relaxed, calm and relieved of stress. Whereas essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus are known for their uplifting properties leaving you awake and motivated. But the science behind it is what I found to be most intriguing. When a scent is let off in the air, in this case when you light your candle, small molecules of that specific scent(s) enter into your nasal pathways. From here the molecules travel to the back of your nose hitting specialized nerve endings responsible for sense of smell called olfactory receptors. The olfactory nerve leads into the brain, specifically the temporal lobe which contains both the hippocampus and amygdala. As I mentioned above, the hippocampus plays a role in memory of past experiences, this is why some senses may lead to having nostalgic properties. The Amygdala on the other hand is the emotional center of your brain. Once the molecules that passed through your nose reach the olfactory receptors, signals are sent to those parts of your brain releasing hormones and neuro chemicals throughout your body and therefore affecting your body and mind. Overall, your emotion, hormones and healing response are all influenced for the better.

So if the cold weathers got you feeling down, light one of your aromatherapy Kat & Gio Candles with essential oils that will boost your energy and mood! Another thing to look forward to is an upcoming announcement we have. We’re really excited to be working on a new candle collection that will be used to raise money to help children’s charities in Manitoba. Specialized candles are being designed both with and for young children battling cancer in Manitoba. Stay tuned to our social media, blog posts and email blasts to hear more about it!


JANUARY 16th, 2019


Radiate Positivity


We’re two weeks into a new year, a blank slate, a new beginning. Many people see January 1st as just another arbitrary day to fulfill the same daily duties but to others it marks a day where you can step outside of that comfort zone and take the first step into a new routine. The “New Year’s Resolution” trend has been around year after year. From healthier eating, to meditating, to going to the gym more often, we make resolutions that either stick solid all-year long or fall off before January even ends. In this blog I’ll give you my best tips and tricks of how I stuck to my own resolutions and live a happier positive lifestyle each day.

Truthfully, it all boils down to one simple rule to reach your goals and stick to your new year’s resolutions. I only have one way to do it and that is with positivity. If you want to succeed and you want to accomplish great things you must believe in yourself first. Positivity is the best way to consistently see the best in yourself and to believe that you can succeed in your goals. Now this does not mean you are smiling ear to ear every minute of every day. Positivity means that even through the hard times you have hope that everything will work out and everything will get better.

It’s not easy keeping that mind set of always seeing the good in every situation, but if you surround yourself with positivity it makes it a whole lot easier. A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Start by surrounding yourself with positive people, a good friend with an encouraging attitude can be a world of difference for your attitude as well. Then focus on yourself, your vibe will attract the rest of your tribe. Surround yourself with objects or things that resonate with you to have the most of positive intentions. These positive intentions can be found through many mediums, whether it’s music, books, scents, crystals, activities or more, find what calms you and incorporate those into your everyday routine.

Kat & Gio Aromatherapy Gemstone Candles are designed for a unique candle burning experience to enhance your daily routine and specifically bring positive energies to your surroundings. This may not be the resolution for everyone to keep a positive mind set, but from my personal experience I can say it has made an impact in my lifestyle. Between the calming crackling sounds of the cedarwood wick to the soothing aromatics of the pure essential oils along with gemstone healing properties, I most definitely sense a change in my state of mind when lighting my candles. In addition to an overall increase in positive energies, each candle of our collection can target a specific enlightenment, for example the Exhale candle with fluorite gemstones is best for neutralizing negative energies to enhance mental clarity, or the Trance candle with amazonite helps to sooth nerves and is best for those with anxiety. I recommend finding a routine or a medium that resonates with you best to keep your energies high and spirits positive.

Whether it’s our candles, the people you surround yourself with or anything in-between that keeps your thoughts positive, continue doing what keeps you happy. Keep striving to reach your goals and new year’s resolutions. Remember the one golden rule of positivity, for your life only gets better when you do. Work on yourself and the rest will follow. Cheers to 2019, best of wishes to all of you in this new year.



NOVEMBER 19, 2018
Princess for a Day

Quite easily I can say that October is a favourite month of many. From the pumpkin spice lattes to the changing colours of leaves and of course the perfect time to light a candle, October marks the fall season that so many of us love. But for others, October is also a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. For our creator and owner of Kat & Gio Candles, Stella Mazza, this month especially resonates close to her heart. During 2004 she had her own battle with breast cancer and while in the hospitals receiving treatments Stella met countless young girls, around the age of her own daughter at the time, that were also battling and struggling everyday with life-threatening illnesses. She thought to herself ‘what could she do’ for these children who have been through so much to brighten their days. Nearly one year later in 2005, Stella created and founded a charitable event called “Princess for A Day”. For one day a year, during the month of October, young girls across Manitoba are welcomed to an unforgettable experience of becoming a Princess for a day. From each receiving their own princess gown, to a hair and make-up makeover, the girls get to forget about the treatments and needles and appointments that take up most of their day-to-day lives. 






“A profound realization occurred after watching my 3-year-old dancing in a princess ball gown I had purchased for her.   I suddenly imagined countless little girls whom are battling life threatening illnesses, enjoying a moment like this. Upon recovering to a healthier state after a year of chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation, my desire was to generate much joy back into our lives. The idea of creating an event for these young girls to experience a transformation into a princess, especially those living through a difficult time, was my top priority for the year. After conveying my desire to execute Princess for a Day to director of Children’s Wish, Maria Toscano, and receiving her approval, the inaugural took place October 9, 2005. Today Princess for a Day continues to be a highlight of the year for my family and for many little girls.” ~Stella Mazza


For 13 years, this event has run as a volunteer-based event with 100% of its’ proceeds being donated to supporting programs and initiatives set forth and carried out by Mazza DaydreamerKids on behalf of Children Charities throughout Manitoba. This year on October 14th, I was happy to have been one of the volunteers to help Stella keep this tradition running. The smiles and joy throughout the day that I had seen truly touched my heart. You can read more about this annual event and see pictures from previous years on the Princess for A Day website ( or Facebook Page.


As November progresses, we approach another event hosted by Stella, called the “Holiday Carnival for Kidz”. For one day during the first week of December, the Holiday Carnival features an indoor midway with Disney princesses, superheroes and old Saint Nick himself, Santa Claus. Last year nearly 100 children battling life-threatening illnesses and their families got to enjoy the day to forget about doctor visits and hospitals. Keep watch for the overview next month of how the event went this year.



JULY 18, 2018
Meet the blogger

It’s time! As a new member to the KAT & GIO team I’ll be running our newest website addition: the KAT & GIO Blog! Who am I? My name is Leah Phillips… a lover of candles, tea fanatic and DIY enthusiast! I’m a Winnipeg born-and-raised girl with a love for the little things in life as well as a strong believer that the energy you put out into the world will be the vibes you receive back. Think positive, be positive, live positive.

 A brief profile of myself would include becoming a recent college graduate with a diploma in Business, an energetic soccer player, music lover of all genres, and frequent outdoors explorer. As I’m sure many college students could relate to, countless days of college were packed full with tests, notes, studying and classes. To say the least, the student life could become very stressful if not handled properly. You seldom see me in school hallways without a freshly steeped travel mug of tea to fuel me, however, my best stress relieving trick was accompanying any late-night study session with an organic candle.

I am an avid believer in natural products, from make-up, to healthy eating, to my candles. My belief is to surround myself with as less toxins as possible, assisting me in a healthier lifestyle. Knowing this about me, and recognizing my love for candles, a close friend gifted me with a new candle last Christmas from a company I had never heard of before. This candle was my first introduction to KAT & GIO Aromatherapy Gemstone Candles! I raved about this unique candle burning experience to everyone in my world. The clean palm wax base, natural wood wick, pure essential oils, and of course stunning presence of raw gemstones… all combined in one candle was exactly what I craved for my study sessions.

Being the frequent social media user that I am, I made an Instagram post about my excitement with this new addition to my organic candle collection. In addition I was thrilled to find the collection was made locally, right here in Winnipeg! This post came to the attention of Stella Mazza, founder and creative director for KAT & GIO Co. Stella, an entrepreneur and successful business woman, is constantly conjuring up fun, new and exciting ideas. Little did I know at the time, she had a plan in mind for a young candle enthusiast like myself. To my surprise, Stella and I had a close mutual friend who jumped at the opportunity of introducing the two of us to one another. Immediately upon meeting her,  I was inspired by Stella’s outgoing and positive energy , and her drive to succeed and manage opportunities presented to her!  I was thrilled when she invited me to join the KAT & GIO Co. team!

I am currently now a key staff member of KAT & GIO Co. with the title of Project Manager, working hand-in-hand with Stella to design our social media platforms, create promotional strategies and overall support the development of KAT & GIO candles as a company. I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting opportunity to shape my business skills and grow as one with a company that I have such a passion and enthusiasm towards.

Each hand-crafted luxury candle is assuredly a unique and stunning piece for any room. I have owned various natural soy-wax candles but KAT & GIO candles were the first palm-wax candle I’ve owned. They’re clean burning and have a visually beautiful appeal. Unlike any other candles I’ve owned as well, the KAT & GIO candles include two gemstones, embedded in the wax. Gemstones are known for their various therapeutic benefits that increase positive energies, boost moods and more!

Each month I’ll be posting on this blog, touching on many topics, like therapeutic gemstone properties, benefits of using pure essential oils, and many fun tips, tricks and DIY’s!

Overall KAT & GIO candles provide a unique and luxurious experience with the quality ingredients they possess, and I’m excited to share this information with you.

Join me in this blog to follow my KAT & GIO experiences, the special promotions, offers and an overall outlook on how to live a healthy, positive, self-loving life.